St Edmundsbury Local History

Pulpit Hill and Whiteleaf Hill 4 miles Although relatively short, this route takes in stunning scenery, prehistoric burial mounds and picturesque villages. Whiteleaf Hill has a Neolithic long barrow and two Bronze Age round barrows, while above the beech forest on Pulpit Hill is a hill fort with some great views looking north west. Grangelands Nature Reserve, meanwhile, is a haven for wildflowers. From The Plough expect celebrities and maybe the former Prime Minister David Cameron, who famously forgot to scoop up his daughter Nancy after a visit here , follow the bridleway north through Grangelands Nature Reserve and up on to Pulpit Hill. Views towards Pulpit Hill Credit: Follow the Chiltern Way east opposite the Frog and loop around through Adams Wood, up over the hill and down across the valley into Fingest.

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Development[ edit ] Before the Garden City: Old Letchworth[ edit ] Letchworth was one of the ancient parishes of Hertfordshire. The parish church of St Mary the Virgin was built in the 12th or 13th Century. Letchworth was a relatively small parish, having a population in of 67, rising to 96 by A Peaceful Path to Real Reform later republished as Garden Cities of To-morrow , in which he advocated the construction of a new kind of town, summed up in his Three Magnets diagram as combining the advantages of cities and the countryside while eliminating their disadvantages.

Industry would be kept separate from residential areas—such zoning was a new idea at the time—and trees and open spaces would prevail everywhere.

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History[ edit ] A hipposandal , a predecessor to the horseshoe Since the early history of domestication of the horse , working animals were found to be exposed to many conditions that created breakage or excessive hoof wear. Ancient people recognized the need for the walls and sometimes the sole of domestic horses’ hooves to have additional protection over and above any natural hardness. An early form of hoof protection was seen in ancient Asia, where horses’ hooves were wrapped in rawhide, leather or other materials for both therapeutic purposes and protection from wear.

There are no extant references to nailed horseshoes prior to the reign of Emperor Leo VI and by occasional references to them can be found. Common was a design with a scalloped outer rim and six nail holes. In a common design, a metal horseshoe holds a flat wooden shoe in place. Environmental changes linked to domestication[ edit ] A hot horseshoe in a forge. The metal is softened so that it can be more precisely shaped to the horse’s hoof. Many changes brought about by the domestication of the horse have led to a need for shoes for numerous reasons, mostly linked to management that results in horses’ hooves hardening less and being more vulnerable to injury.

In the wild, a horse may travel up to 50 miles per day to obtain adequate forage. While horses in the wild cover large areas of terrain, they usually do so at relatively slow speeds, unless being chased by a predator. The consequence of slow but nonstop travel in a dry climate is that horses’ feet are naturally worn to a small, smooth, even and hard state. The continual stimulation of the sole of the foot keeps it thick and hard.

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Remember, remember the 5th of November Here are some of the best displays taking place near you. All you have to do is wrap up warm and enjoy the sights.

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A dedicated club of classic car enthusiasts is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Chairman Brian Campbell, 67, has been in the club for nearly 18 years, for 10 of which he has been the chairman. The club has gone from strength to strength since its humble beginnings in Naming his car MAD after the initials on its registration number, Mr Payne soon found other people with a growing interest for preserving older cars.

They took a great picture of me with MAD and it appeared on the front page of the Argus with a short write-up and my contact details. As they say, the rest is history. Mr Payne left Newport in , but the club continued to flourish. Meeting once or twice a month over the next four decades, the membership has fluctuated, from dwindling into single figures to hosting as many as 50 at one time. As it became more established, it was able to put on numerous events over the years, the biggest highlight of the year being the Caldicot Castle Car Rally.

Today, the summer events include barbecues, social evenings, and car shows. The Cardiff Bay Car Show, an invitation-only event, allowed the club to showcase the high standard of their cars. The monthly meetings continue throughout the year, although some of the classic cars are put away during the winter. A thriving membership exists today, attending meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at the Rising Sun in Rogerstone.

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So it comes as no surprise the boys in One Direction were in tow to support Louis Tomlinson as he showcased his football skills during a charity match in his hometown of Doncaster. Scroll down for video Doing his bit of good: Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Harry Styles R-L were all in tow to cheer Louis on On arrival to the stadium, as usual, the boys were greeted by a number of fans who had also turned up to support the game which looks to raise money for the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

Despite his confident display as he made his way into the changing room, Louis confessed on Twitter that he was feeling a bit anxious. Anyone who wants to come to the game that doesn’t have a ticket don’t worry you can pay on the turnstile: Louis appeared to be in high spirits as he said hello to fans outside the stadium ‘I’m nervous’:

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A different viewpoint on the development of the nail-on shoe: Who first invented horseshoes? The traditional view still held by some archaeologists is that they were invented by the Celts around B. This opinion is based on the fact that they had the need northern type horses with broad soft feet subject to wear , the resources a supply of iron and the skills to forge and fashion them. The Celtic horseshoe was then supposedly re-developed by the Romans to become something very closely resembling a plain modern shoe by around A.

Some museums in the UK have Celtic and Roman horseshoes on display. But is this correct and, if so, where is the evidence? The Roman writings of the poet Catullus and others have been interpreted as indicating horses were shod, but these comments are more likely to be similes e.

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Mendip Tennis Otherwise known as Somersetshire, the modern county of Somerset covers 1, square miles and has a population of , Mendip is one of the most beautiful areas of Britain and includes not only the Mendip Hills, from which it takes its name, but also parts of the Somerset Levels, the caves at Wookey, the smallest city and the largest village in England.

It also contains the supposed site of the mythical Isle of Avalon.

No expert, but I would doubt that the quantity would be specified to define a crime and change it into a legal activity. That said, common sense means that small incursions, such as a pebble or two, authorities could turn a blind eye to.

The photographs, mostly taken by Hannaford himself, span five decades from the s to the s and cover a variety of subjects including the Broads Tours business, wherries, mills, sailing and general Broadland scenes. Many were taken as reference material for his paintings, indeed there are a number of photos which have grid lines drawn on them, paint splatters, or visual notes in the form of scribbled drawings.

Whilst not the most accomplished of photographer, the collection does contain some very interesting images. It has taken me several months to sift through the collection and work on tidying up the best of the photographs to publish on Broadland Memories. With such a large collection it has been difficult to work out how best to present them but I eventually decided that they warrant a section of their own on the website. I have collated the photographs into themed groups which I will add to these pages over the coming months with, hopefully, some accompanying notes from William Allchin.

Charles Hannaford moved to Norfolk in after retiring from his job in banking due to ill health. His father, Charles Hannaford senior, was already living in Norfolk and Charles junior had enjoyed holidays here during the s and s. Follow the links at the bottom of that post for further updates on the story. Hannaford was the son of the renowned landscape artist Charles E. Hannaford and had himself studied at Plymouth Art School before choosing banking as a career. He continued to sketch and paint when he moved to Norfolk, his paintings being exhibited for sale in the Broads Tours office and restaurant.

His artwork also appeared in a booklet produced as a souvenir for Broads Tours passengers entitled The Charm of the Norfolk Broads, a publication which first appeared c with several revised editions produced over the following 50 years. Charles Hannaford passed away in aged


From the smaller motte and bailey earthworks to the world famous Leeds Castle, all have been geotagged onto the Google Map below. We have also included a short synopsis of each of the castles, including the history behind them and who they are now owned by. Although we have attempted to create the most comprehensive listing on the internet, there is a small chance that a few castles may have slipped through our net. Looking to stay in one of these fabulous castles?

St Edmundsbury in the late Twentieth Century. Find out about our local history since

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