This web site is OPINION oriented, and this means that the feelings, ideas and desires expressed here may not be shared by all persons who visit and read this information. Honey, look how low this tax bill is! You also need to understand WHY this is the way it is. It is basically because a very large number of people here live on fixed incomes retirees , and they do not like, nor can they afford to fund boondoggles like the “high-speed” 43 Mph rail that Washington tried to push on us. Admit it – it’s not just the weather, is it Florida looks pretty good, eh? Like I said, It can’t be the weather alone. Only human dismemberment or death by a gator is important enough for the news – but only if a “baby murder trial” is not blanketing the airwaves like it is right now. Where’s “Jerry Rivera” when you really need him So you’re asking yourself:

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