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Also, to lend necessary aid or resources to rescue a vessel or vehicle, or to enable the survival of an enterprise or undertaking; as a means of relief, this contranym probably has naval origins. Also, a quantity of gravel or similar broken material used to stabilize a bank, a bed, or a barrier by adding fill [v: Also, a metaphor for a crisis or critical event, as represented by the expression when Also, anything resembling a ball, from a globular finial to a round-bottomed flask. Also, informal reference to a woman’s breasts eg: Contrary to popular belief, the BALL TURRET was not occupied during take-offs and landings, neither did the gunner sit upside down in this rotating TURRET during flight operations; however, the space inside the dome was too restricted for the gunner to wear a parachute, so it was kept nearby inside the airplane cabin. The BAMs responded to this characterization by dubbing the men: Unlike the other women’s auxiliaries, the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve does not have a cute acronym to identify it.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. August Learn how and when to remove this template message Blundstone elastic sided boots An Australian work boot or generically elastic-sided boot is a style of work shoe, typically constructed with a leather upper bound together with elastic sides and pull tabs on the front and back of the boot.

The shoe lacks a tongue, and laces , and often contains a steel toe cap for occupational health and safety reasons.

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Combat battle royal A free-for-all; an encounter of many combatants; a heated argument or altercation. The term derives from the type of endurance contest, especially common in cockfighting, in which the ultimate victor is determined by a process of elimination through survival of many trial heats. Another type of battle royal from which the expression might derive was the custom of entering a number of pugilists into the ring at once, who fought each other in random and brutal fashion until only one remained conscious.

Ralph Ellison includes a graphic description of the barbarous practice in Invisible Man. For centuries, an annual two-week fair was held each summer in Donnybrook, Ireland. Invariably, vast amounts of whiskey were consumed and the huge crowds got out of control, turning the fair into a massive drunken brawl. Because of such consistently riotous behavior, the Donnybrook Fair was abolished in , although to this day its name denotes any type of wild, general fighting.

When confronted by the officer, the soldier insisted that the cats had fought so viciously that they had eaten each other, leaving only the tails behind. A more likely explanation, however, is that the cats are allegorical symbols for two rival towns, Kilkenny and Irishtown, which for more than years waged a bitter border dispute.


Reasons for this invasion included taking pressure off the Shenandoah Valley—”The Breadbasket of the Confederacy”—at harvest time; encouraging European support for the Confederacy by winning a battle on Northern soil; and demoralizing Northerners to reduce their support for the war while encouraging the slave-holding state of Maryland to secede and join the Confederacy.

Believing the routed Union army would require time to rebuild, Lee took the bold step of dividing his own army, sending portions of it to capture various objectives. James Longstreet, proceeded on the road toward Sharpsburg. Lee informed his commanders of their routes and objectives in Order No. In a series of events too strange to be believable in fiction, a copy of Order No.

The marching orders were taken to Union Maj.

Work boots are timeless and long-lasting in the way that leather jackets and messenger bags are. Even better, though, the material on a work boot actually looks better a little beat up and worn in.

This article is about footwear. Look up chopine in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Reconstruction of a 16th-century Venetian chopine. On display at the Shoe Museum in Lausanne. Line art drawing of a chopine. A chopine is a type of women’s platform shoe that was popular in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. Chopines were originally used as a patten , clog , or overshoe to protect the shoes and dress from mud and street soil. Chopines were popularly worn in Venice by both courtesans and patrician women from ca.

Besides their practical uses, the height of the chopine became a symbolic reference to the cultural and social standing of the wearer; the higher the chopine, the higher the status of the wearer. Extant pieces are covered with leather , brocades, or jewel-embroidered velvet.


This post is not meant for you. This post is actually a warning to single bros who are still actively playing in the dating arena and have an opportunity to avoid running into, and potentially falling for a relatively small community of women in this country I affectionately call: Believe me, it will be the riding breeches that will cause you to slip up and become weak if you are not careful. Much like buying a German Shepherd puppy:

Sexy Boots Galleries Home / Opposite Sex Channel / Bullz-Eye Home. Take a hot babe, put her in some sexy boots, and you have quite a sight! We have a great time putting together the Bullz-Eye shoots, and a big part of the fun is having the models show off some of their sexier outfits.

Camouflage Cowboy Boots With the help of insoles, this type of military boots can actually become rather comfortable. Make sure, if you’re actually going into basic training, that you learn to shine them before you get there. They’ll expect them to be perfect there and cause you great grief if you aren’t getting it right! Those babies better shine. Jungle Boots These boots are actually made from very little leather. Usually, the toe and heel are the only leather parts.

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Huntington’s disease HD is a rare, inherited disorder that causes sufferers to experience behavioral disturbances, mental deterioration and uncontrollable movements. It occurs due to the breakdown of cells in one region of the brain, known as the striatum. Symptoms typically occur in middle age, with around 90 percent of patients suffering jerky, involuntary movements. They may also experience depression, irritability and anxiety.

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Tweet A hard working, dependable pair of boots are your best friend when trekking through the countryside. Whether you are out for the weekend hiking local trails , or a month into a trip up the Pacific Crest Trail, you are only as comfortable as your feet are. A good pair of boots provide grip for when you are walking on slick rocks or loose gravel, along with keeping you both warm and dry as you trudge through wetlands or heavy river streams.

Hiking season is just around the corner, and that means folks are looking to retire an old pair of boots , while others are considering investing into their first quality pair. Hunting down that perfect pair can be quite daunting, which is why we took the liberty to uncover the best performing boots on the market. Ranging from seriously high-tech boots meant for scaling mountains to entry level options meant for your run of the mill day-hike, our list of the 20 best hiking boots will offer up something for everyone.

Now get out there and explore. Columbia North Plains Lightweight, reasonably priced, and totally durable, the North Plains boots are perfect for fast paced jaunts through the woods. Equipped with an Omni-Grip rubber sole that provides solid traction and a Techlite midsole that cushions your feet with each step, these boots can go all day and then some.

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Womens Combat Boot Collection. Womens combat boots are universal and versatile. One day you can wear them with a skirt, the next day with jean shorts or skinny jeans, and .

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We recommend pairing men’s combat boots with an untucked work shirt and indigo jeans. For guys that simply want to stay warm, you can check out our mens long boots with fur or fleece lining. You can even try pairing mens long boots with fetish gear for that after-dark feel. Most importantly, choose mens stylish boots that express your individuality.

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